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    Shawn, walking with Kiki, finally made it back to his dorm room. He saw Andy and Alex still there, which was both a surprise and a relief. He half-expected them to be out somewhere else so that they would have to look for them. Walking into the room, he nodded a greeting to both guys.

    "Hey, guys. Are y'all ready to..." he started to ask, but the smell of cooked food wafted into the room. It smelled delicious. Looking out the window, he saw other students starting to make their way inside. Probably a special meal or something, he thought.

    All of a sudden, it hit him: it was a Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. It also occurred to him that he didn't eat much at all, for he heard his stomach growling at him. He turned to the others.

    "I dunno about the rest of you, but I'm starving. Do you want to head to the cafeteria or whatever and have dinner?"

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