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And I see Pixar as Disney because they own them. But not true Disney as they are different studios. But... The Nightmare Before Christmas and Roger Rabbit weren't under Disney banners initially either.
True, but it still gives a lot of false impressions of what Disney has actually done. Most of the movies people talk about loving a lot here are technically Pixar films, which didn't exactly need Disney to begin with. The line starts to get blurred, I feel, and it turns into an "all animation is Dinsey" sort of thing.

Basically, do younger generations really like Disney, or do they think they like Disney? See what I mean? At least with Nightmare Before Christmas, despite Skellington Productions being sold off to Disney really early, people realize it's not actually part of the Disney canon. Same with WFRR. Actually, we're on a Pokemon site. I think everyone here's smart enough to know Nintendo has little to do with major decisions about the Pokemon franchise. Game Freak is a 2nd party developer, and they more of less have all the say in how they'll run their franchise. If some guy joined up here and he kept saying "I love how Nintendo made Pokemon" or "I think Nintendo shouldn't made Remoraid evolve into an octopus", he'd get corrected left and right.

I guess the problem lies in the fact that every commercial now labels everything as "Disney and Pixar's..." which gives top billing to Disney (but even then still acknowledges Pixar as its own entity), and then the fact that Disney, save for Princess and the Frog, Winnie the Pooh, and even Tangled (the obvious Disney princess thing) seems to be absolutely indistinguishable from Pixar to the general/common audience. And I've seen it from both sides. People who are usually more savvy sometimes confuse Wreck-it-Ralph as a Pixar film. I dunno if we want the line to be this blurry, though. It's not like DisneyToon Studios, a branch of Disney that started with Disney. Pixar is owned by Disney, but Pixar isn't Disney, just like Lucas Arts isn't Disney, either.

I would be okay with Pixar sticking to doing only 3D, and Disney just doing traditional 2D only if they really, really decided to make their studios one in the same. That way, Diz wouldn't be so concerned with making that 3D film dollar, because their Pixar studio would handle it from there. However, would forcing Pixar to be a division of Disney hurt Pixar in the long run? That's something to consider, and honestly I'm not sure yet. I still need to see what Disney themselves are capable with in their 3D films, as most of them have been either hit or miss (or by the numbers and predictable).

If nothing else, if Disney went back to and stuck to 2D starting now, Pixar stayed 3D and they both were still separate studios like they are now, there might be less confusion as to who really gets the credit for what. Then again, I doubt people are really all that concerned about what's a part of the Disney canon.

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