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    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    I tried playing Fiery Cavern earlier, and it being my first playthrough of the game, and I couldn't beat it. Gonna go back to it later.

    I have to agree. I've played the GBA version, idk if the physics are any different on the SNES version, but I really like the physics and controls..
    Fiery Cavern's easy when you know one thing: You can kill the ape by butt stomping on it.
    I had trouble at first but it was a breeze getting everything in it. (Except in Hard when I couldn't find the last jewel.)
    Game's really easy, even in Hard mode. (I knew all secrets beforehand except for the Ruby and Sapphire levels, but I managed myself.) It's until super hard mode when you start dying every time. Emerald Passage, which is the easiest, is imo the hardest in super hard because of the fact you start with one health and the enemy placement is the WORST. (Know that alligator in Monsoon Jungle? There's two/three of them each section.) The red spearmasks in Wildflower Field were also absolutely dreadful, and I didn't change their colors because I was aiming for the golden crown. (Though turned out I had a lot of unnecessary points at the end because of that lol.)
    Though so far Ruby passage might beat it. I only beat Topaz and Emerald.

    I should give Yoshi's Island another try. My memory might be hazy about it. I still don't like the pacing and mechanics.

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