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Originally Posted by Cutielaurenie View Post
Hmm... I really like your drawings. I want to request some things.
Wow that pony is cute! The gryffon is also quite interesting but I'm a little curious as to what you want me to do with them? Are they a couple, bros, or what?

Originally Posted by Urugamosu View Post
I should first say I love your art! Honestly, keep it up, you have so much potential.
Thank yooouuuu! An interesting pony for sure! I may tweak the color scheme lightly to fit the style of the picture, but other than that, you should expect it soon!

Originally Posted by WinterKirby View Post
[Insert request here]
So many ponies. @_@ I'll get started on the lot of them tonight, hopefully. Sorry for the long wait everyone!

Click the pic to go to my art shop~ I draw humans and ponies (rarely Pokemon)
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