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Near Eterna Ruins


Held Item(s):

Chapter One:
Searching for an Unknown Friend

Part Seven

Well... All of that was certainly something. The problem seemed to solve itself, Mako said something about Creed and apparently knew Bay already. Huh. Unfortunately for Bay, Amethyst has absolutely no recollection of that dirty blow that happened only moments before. Amethyst, you have to apologize. Play nice! Mako just went full-sprint at Lucy with a massive shower of affection. Amethyst formed a smile, which grew when he made contact. Now, what could makes this better? "LUCY!!" Amethyst giggled and (with a ridiculous speed that combined her Weavile speed with a newfound power to propel herself forward via psychic abilities) dashed blindingly right into the two, with enough speed to topple all three of them over with some rolling afterward. Either way, she clung to the both of them with a tight hug and cheery laughter. Oh no, how close was Emily? Surely she didn't get pulled into it too...?

Fixed Float!
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