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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    The fans have absolutely no idea what they really want from a Pokemon game. GF has already confirmed that a Pokemon MMO will never happen because what's the point of being called "Pocket Monsters" when MMOs is really a PC thing. A T-rated Pokemon? Haven't you seen what they did to Sonic when they made Shadow the Hedgehog?
    That's what I called, poor execution my good chap. They've nearly done it with BW but miss a few critical steps. If One failure hold them back from another try, Nintendo wouldn't get off of their debt forever.
    And no, Pokemon MMO is silly. I never like those idea as well. Am I saying anything that have implication that this is about Pokemon MMO?
    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    First and foremost. NINTENDO Does NOT make Pokemon games. They just sell them.

    Brief history: Stadium and Stadium 2 were both made by Creatures Inc. A Sister company to Pokemon Company who have shares with Pokemon. Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness were made by Genius Sonority. Genius Sonority has only been contracted to make 4 Pokemon games, while Creatures Inc takes most of the spin offs both in the past and presently.

    As for "Fan Wants", based on sales figures, Fans prefer the handheld system games. They sell more than the home console ones. Gamefreak has no intention of ever bringing the main series to the Home Console, but we have Creatures Inc who will do that for us should TPC allow. The number of handheld spin offs increased more than console ones, they even tried to test out the possibility of bringing one of the bigger Spinoffs onto the home console which didn't do too well with sales.

    While there are more vocal members screaming and demanding for specific changes, they are actually within the minority. Gamefreak has always given what the majority has asked for. They do listen to their fans, although majority of them are Japanese children.
    Thanks for that brief history there, its news to me :D

    Gamecube isn't a popular console to begin with, and we've just seen two (as I know) Pokemon title for Wii, which one of them, Pokemon Battle Revolution, done poorly compared to other Pokemon games. But still, that is because Nintendo too never being serious in the first place at all.

    I couldn't argue with the bolded part. It is a fact and I know it despite I'm collecting many Pokemon fanarts which impossibly being drawn by ten years old. Yes, the majoriy of Pokemon, that is the main demographic for Pokemon games are Japanese Kids. These bulks would make older plans a minority when compared but they're number still big nonetheless.

    Pokemon is a Japanese RPG Made By a Japanese Developer With Japanese Audience in Mind I tell You
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