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In previous games, you had things such as memorial sites for Pokemon that have passed away, and mansions with spooky/haunted things going on. In these games, it has been said that your bond with Pokemon will be closer than ever. This leads to the question as to whether these haunted (whatever includes a load of ghost Pokemon, basically) _____ will make a return, as they have been in previous games. If so, would this mean that passed Pokemon's resting place will make a return yet again, as opposed to the haunted mansion we saw in the previous game and in DPPt? Would this mean you get more interaction with others' passed Pokemon, and when you touch the coffin you hear stories of their lives? And even so would you like this location to be as important as it was in R/S, where you got the orbs of the legendaries? Or would you rather the spooky locations be somewhere less important but instead have an interesting quality to them? If so, how? Share your thoughts!

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