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I sat at the low ground table tiredly. "Brother, you really should get ready for school! You'll be late on your first day." My sister Liz walked in, "This is going to be a better year right?"

I layed back on the floor, "I don't know, I mean what do you mean by that." Her apartment was small, with only two rooms. She had her own and I slept in the living area on a mat. It was nice though, I didn't have to do anything but work at a nearby restaurant, and even then I didn't have to talk to anyone. It paid well, and most of my money went to my sister, I owed her for taking me in. "Can't I just stay here? You know I don't do well in school."

"No! I took you in because mom and dad wanted you to go to the Youkai Academy, they also wanted you to make friends. Can you do that, do that for them?" She pleaded. I stroked my hair, unsure to an answer.

"I'll try."

"Promise." She demanded.

"I promise." I said solemnly.

"Thank you. Look at me." She placed a plate of bacon and waffles on the table, I looked in her blue eyes. "This year you should try to do better. This is the best time to make friends. Maybe you'll even find a girlfriend." I decided I didn't want to look at her anymore, and began to eat. "Remember that you will be staying in school dorms, you can visit me anytime but that is where you live now. I'm going to be late to work, call me at the end of the day." My mouth was full but I nodded. She was always looking out for me, I felt guilty that she wasted her time doing that. "Please don't forget to call me, also I wrote my number and your dorm room in your book."

I gulped my food and exhaled hard, "Thank you, I won't forget." She smiled, nodded and hurried to her job. I was pretty nervous, though I grabbed my things and waited for the Youkai bus.

"C'mon kid." The bus driver's scratchy voice said. "You got one hell of a year ahead of you."

"I don't think so sir."

"Sir? What is this, your first day in Japan?"

"Ive only been here a year or so, and I'm from America."

"Yea well try not to embarrass yourself." I nodded, reading the note I'd written in my book to call my sister over and over, so I wouldn't forget. I sat in the very front head down, studying. Maybe other people got on, but I don't remember, or care.

When I arrived on at the busstop, I wasn't sure what to do. I saw the academy, thought maybe I should go there, but I was so afraid of the amount of people there. What if nobody accepted me. I sucked it up though, I wasn't afraid of anything. I walked in on the headmaster's speech. There was a lot of people, but luckily nobody had their attention on me. Lucky for me, I heard the words "free day" I also heard that I would be in class 3C. I didn't hear everything and I figured I could catch it later, so I went to my dorm room.

There were two beds in the room. "What, why are there two?" I said, but I knew what happened. My sister had signed me up for a roommate. Typical, always looking out for me. I sat on my bed, sighed, layed down and stared at the roof. Hopefully my roommate wasn't a total jerk. I just layed back, waiting for the day to end. Maybe I'd go out today and make friends, maybe I'd remember to call my sister, maybe not though.
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