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I was gonna say I'd like an actual outdoors cemetery like people have suggested, but when you consider that Pokemon are pets in this world, it makes sense to me that they have these towers dedicated to them. I imagine they made Pokemon and Celestial Tower as specialized Pokemon cemeteries because they're not human, they're pets. There are more wild than in captivity, unlike humans which almost all of us get buried. Not all Pokemon, nor all pets/animals to go back to that analogy, are going to be buried. Plus, these places are rather nice. I imagine it might cost a pretty penny to have your Pokemon buried there, and I think that's another reason they're not outside.

btw. We do have a semi-outside cemetery anyway. There's an outside portion of Mt. Pyre, which I guess ruins my point (or it's the cheaper alternative to having your Pokemon buried indoors), but even still, it has an main inside portion (that needs fixing seen them holes in there?!) and a smaller outside part. So idk what you wanna make of that.

For this game, I wouldn't mind seeing an outside one, even though I feel it makes more sense for a Pokemon cemetery to not resemble a human cemetery, but it would be a nice change of pace.

A crematorium is a bit...much for me honestly, lol. Our band practice field is next to a funeral home/crematorium and well, it was a little unnerving when one day, there was smoke coming from it...meaning they were burning someone's body while we were there. And the smoke was blowing our way. And we were breathing dead people. Yeah...just...really creepy.

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