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    Bay looked with a bewildered look as Emily sat down after his request. Was she confused too? Or maybe she was going to ignore him. If that was the case then maybe Lucy would just have to deal with being in the belly of someone they had just met. Bay looked down at the pot-bellied girl and frowned as he heard her making noises as if she was about to start sobbing in front of him and Bay felt a little bit of guilt, some for yelling at Emily and some for giving up on the current dilemma.

    As Bay stood aside of the situation he noticed that Lucy and Emily cooperated on a way to release the former of the latter's stomach. The sight was always unsettling of seeing this power in action and one thing that bothered Bay a little bit more was the fact that Lucy was clutching her head as if she was having a migraine or some sort of epilepsy.

    Bay fell on his rear onto the ground with a look of relief and not even stressing over Lucy's motion sickness as she would soon adjust and recover momentarily. He looked over at the Emily girl who decidied to introduce herself. Then stating that she came from "U-no-va", pronouncing this as if she didn't know of it herself. He thought over this, turning away from the group, trying to recollect his thoughts and if he knew of such a place. Unaware of the dog-pile/dive occurring behind him, Bay pondered on the ground. He was sure that he didn't know the place but it interested him nonetheless.

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