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Kion Gavin - Welcome to Hell

Not long after the incident, Kion left home for Youkai Academy, as it was too dangerous for him to stay home with his family. He left them a message telling them that he'd left, just vaguely going over why, without mention of his becoming a mage or exactly where he was going. He knew that they would be worried, and he knew that they would be heartbroken, but he felt them actually being dead was not nearly as bad as them merely thinking that he was dead. It still tore his heart to leave them behind, but it had to be done.

Getting to the school was fairly easy. As with every pact, there are exceptions and there are loopholes, and one such exception was a spell called "Hell's Doorway" (not to be confused with "Doorway to Hell", a spell that sends the user to their death, disregarding any sort of judgement that may exist after death and sending them straight to Hell). The spell was rather simple for him, but few other than Deva Mages could use the spell. It worked by opening a fiery portal to one of the many circles of Hell, and then immediately linking it to another portal, or "doorway", somewhere else. In a sense, it's similar to going from one room to the next, only this spell can span long distances. It's not as simple as it may sound, though. One must have the required materials to get to the specific place that they want to go to, and learning exactly which ingredients are needed to go where is nigh on impossible. Luckily for Gavin, the ingredients to get to the Youkai Academy were relatively easy to find, thanks to the number of grimoires he had.

On his arrival, he was...overwhelmed. He knew it was an academy, but he didn't expect it to have to much class, so much grandeur. Still, he was a little disappointed that it was a youkai academy, because he certainly didn't feel like a youkai. In truth, he was still having trouble accepting that he wasn't human anymore. Regardless, he made his way inside, directly towards his room. He was quick to find it, but he heard that he needed to report to the schoolyard for the schoolyard for an opening ceremony, and promptly did so.

When he arrived, he noticed...quite a few youkai. No doubt he was conflicted about himself, if not interested in the youkai. The headmaster took the stage and started to speak. "This year we'll do our best to teach you the ways of being a human once again." This seemed...odd to Gavin.The youkai had to learn to coexist with, blend in with, and essentially be humans? Given their history, it seems rather odd that it wasn't the other way around. It seemed unfair to Gavin. Still, he decided to put it in the back of his mind for the time being, as he was actually there to become human.

There was little else of note and few who Gavin wanted to talk to. He returned to his room, as he had a lot to think about.
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