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    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki

    "Well then! Let's see what this year will bring me!" Nami cheered as she entered the gates of the Youkai school. Right now she was in her human form, long black hair, sparkling brown eyes and in her green school uniform. Nami was a Vampire, a blood-drinking creature with silver hair and crimson eyes. It didn't take long for the 17 years old girl to notice a stage on the schoolgrounds and curiously took a close look at it. She saw a lot of other students too, too bad she couldn't figure out what Youkai everyone was.

    Nami heard someone entering the stage and took a few steps back, only to find out a hooded man in a long cloak entered the stage and started holding his speech. Was this man the headmaster? Then why on earth is he wearing a cloak litterally covering his entire body? Nami looked around and tried to see everyone's faces, it relieved her to see she wasn't the only one freaked out.

    Once the speech was over she heard the headmaster saying that Class 3C's homeroom teacher was Higoroshi-sensei. "His name sounds gentle…" Nami smiled a little, and soon found out his voice was quite pleasing as well. He told everyone that there were no classes today. Nami smile now became even brighter. Sweet! she thought as her heart made a little jump.

    Nami followed the other students to the dorms, but because she was distracted for a moment she accidentally bumped into someone. She immediately woke up out of her little trance and looked up. She saw a handsome boy forward her and made herself ready to apologize. She was very close to his neck and smelled something… so sweet… almost as if……

    She stepped back and shaked her head. "I-I'm really sorry! I got distracted for a moment there…"

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