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    SOLO the LYCAN
    Outdoor Auditorium

    Chapter One: Part One
    Reluctant Beginnings

    "Welcome students, to the new semester of Youkai Academy!" The man up front began speaking. Solo didn't really react, he didn't care about it much at all, but at the very least decided to listen. He sat alone, in the very back seat in the far right corner, his feet kicked up and crossed over the seat in front of him. His arms were crossed, and he simply yawned. Like hell if I'm going to sit with my 'class'. He gave a rather annoyed gaze at the group that was most likely in his class. Though, he didn't have anything against them (yet), he just seemed annoyed at the situation. The man up front continued to speak.

    Oh boy, a speech. I can guarantee I'm going to despise this man immediately. Solo sighed. Did he really have to be /here/? It wasn't much of an improvement, and that's saying something. His demeanor matched his expression; disinterested.

    "This year we'll do our best to teach you the ways of being a human once again."

    Wait wha-- Solo suddenly jolted upright, eyes widened with a sudden anger. Despite how badly he wanted to, he bit his tongue. No damn way!! No!! I'll never be one of those... Things! I'd rather eat one, and I bet they taste bitter. Bitter like their attitudes. Solo, already infuriated, tried his best to calm his nerves. He leaned back in his seat again, trying to resettle.

    "Class 3C's homeroom teacher is Higoroshi-sensei, please be nice to him."

    "Feh," Solo muttered under his breath, "prepare for hell, Higoroshi-/chan/. It looks like you're my enemy now."

    "Since today is a free day to make you students able to pack out your stuff in your dorm rooms, my class will start tomorrow in classroom 13. I'll see you tomorrow."

    Free day... Looks like the same thing I'm gonna be doing all year; nothing. Solo shook his head instinctively. "They know damn well I'm not going to follow their rules."

    "And with this my speech will end, just remember our most important rule. Don't show your Youkai appearance to other students!"

    "Pfff, speaking of rules. How pointless." Solo's tail and ears appeared, as if to make pure mockery of the rule. "Hmm, I think I actually like this better."

    "Hey, you talked during the whole speech, wolfboy!" Some kid from a different class was sitting about two or three seats ahead of him. He was pretty young, too.

    "Oh, excuse me, short stuff." Solo sniffed the air in the direction of the boy. "Werewolf!? Seriously!?" Solo laughed rather cruelly. "What a poser!"

    "Says you, fake-human mutt!" Clearly this boy didn't like Solo's attitude, and he was a werewolf to boot. The boys anger quickly dissolved into fear as Solo stood up, towering over the small kid and penalizing him with a stare that could only be read as 'pure hatred'.

    "Listen, you little snot. You're nothing but a ugly pup with a stupid face and a ridiculous shape. Your kind are a disgusting race and bring a horrid name to us /real/ wolves. You're a disgusting inbred freak. You may be fast, but I'm faster. You may be strong, but I'm more skilled. You'd never be able to touch me. Not even once. Just watch where you step, and don't you /dare/ complain about anything I do." ... Ouch.

    The kid didn't take it well. In fact, he unleashed his werewolf form and decided to go right for Solo. With a chuckle, Solo stood out of his seat, before kicking his leg backward, using his telekinetic powers to fling it into the air, let it hover in place for a second, then flung it, giving the werewolf a nice metal slap across his muzzle. The enraged boy charged again, and Solo simply sidestepped the claw swipe. The kid must have overshot it, too, because his miss caused him to fall flat on his face. Solo chuckled. "Come on, ugpup. You started this thing, you should finish it!" He stepped on top of the beast, to signify his dominance and victory, only to find his ankle clutched. Oops.

    The ugly thing held him upside down by his ankle, getting a few cheap shots in by punching him in the face, making him sway as he dangled. "Heheh, you really are all bark and no bite. Calling me ugly. I'll make you look ugl--" POW!! Right in the kisser. Solo had spun himself around and planted a kick right on the kid's snout. Although he hadn't anticipated that the kid would let go, and hit the ground with a painful thud.

    "Ugh, my head..." Solo clutched his forehead with on hand, sitting back up on the ground. His focus eventually came back, and he could see that a crowd had formed around their fight, with toppled chairs creating a sort of fence around the arena. When Solo stood up and dusted himself off, he was somewhat surprised to hear some female cheering. Seriously? He understood enjoying the fight, but why did they care that he was up? Regardless, the other kid stood up and, like every other time, just charged at him again. "Seriously?"

    Solo held both hands forward. What was he doing? The werewolf suddenly stopped, though he looked as if he was still trying to charge. "Rrrghhh.. RRGGGGHHHHHHH!!" Solo grunted in pain as he amplified his powers, not only stopping the beast from running, but flipping him and causing him to hit the ground with a forceful crash. One girl actually decided to make herself the announcer, and her counting must have meant that the kid might be done now.

    "One, two, three, four, five, six," the girl counted. Meanwhile, Solo only stood there, covering his forehead. He barely lipped out 'ugh, my head', panting from slight exhaustion. "Nine, Ten! Werewolf boy didn't get up, that cute Lycan Guy wins!" The girls all cheered simultaneously, except for one who went over to check on the beast he just smashed. Must be a sister or girlfriend or-- nah, she's gotta be his sister. No one would date a werewolf.

    It was then that a teacher had gotten through the crowd. Wow, was that poor timing, for him. For Solo, the timing couldn't have been better. "Hey teach, got any Asprin? My head's killin' me..."

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