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    Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
    I like the concept of using "married" Pokemon, just not the idea of combining it with a Nuzlocke. I know there's a "monotype" around here that follows that concept, but even that isn't really what I'd want. I think it would be cooler to use pairs based on Egg Groups.

    Also, Solo challenges are REALLY easy. Sometimes there's some difficulty and grinding early, but once you clear like 2 gyms, you are really over leveled. It's fun, but I was hoping for a little more challenge.
    Aye. I'm doing solos for the fully evolved form of every 1st gen family. Started from the top. Went through Pidgeot and Fearow. Brock was hard, the rest was easy, which is saying something, considering they only have Normal/Flying moves.