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Kamui Ozora - Wrong Destination

How the days slip by me. I, Oz, have been traveling the land of Hyrule. Not once have I found a trace of my parents. They should be around here somewhere. I headed south of Hyrule to my next destination. I haven't gone this way before, but it wouldn't hurt to look, right?

Just so long as there is no lake or anything. I'm terrified of unsafe water!

"What was I thinking?!" I should've never gone this path. I arrived at some lake, known as Lake Hylia. How did I not know about this place? Oh, right. It has a freaking lake! Well, at least there's a bridge around it. I guess this is okay. I notice a small building nearby. As I walk towards it, wouldn't you know it, a Tektite appeared. Yeah, like I haven't seen those things before. Before it could react, I shot two arrows separately at it, killing the little monster. I sure love arrows. Better than swords in my opinion.

I guess I could rest here for a while. I've walked pretty far already. Hope no one minds if I stay in for some time. I go inside the little house, getting an eerie feeling. This looks like a lab. Is that water on the other side? I'll just keep a safe distance from it, that's all... I set my backpack down in the corner & get a little drink from my bottle. Safe water, safe to drink. I just don't like when there's a risk with water. You're probably wondering, Where are you going exactly? Well, that's easy to answer.

I have no idea.

I guess anywhere I feel I must go. I don't like destinations, just the adventure it gives. But I do wonder where I'll stop at next. Only time will tell.

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