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No, the problem is you're arguing with me about not wanting to improve your spelling and grammar in your posts which would in turn improve your writing and thus also improve your roleplaying. Yes I did generalise it, as it is for everyone to read and I'm sure the people whose spelling and grammar isn't up to scratch know who they are. If you have time to argue with me over this you have time to read over your post before posting it and to put it through a spell check.

Also don't confuse laziness with prioritizing. I neglect to edi because I'd rather not put time into something that I don't consider very important (it's fun, I like it, but just like I wouldn't waste time in a video game trying to do perfect strategies when my strategy works, I wouldn't go through editing here when my point gets across.)
Okay here's the problem with this. EDITING IS VERY IMPORTANT. It is especially important if you aren't a perfect writer that has the perfect spelling and grammar straight away without having to read over what they have written or put it through a spell check. Also your simile is completely flawed, its not like a video game, and if it is not editing and making sure that AT LEAST your spelling is up to scratch (at least making sure there is no typos,) is like doing the complete wrong strategy and wondering why you're always dying/not clearing the stage. If you want something more accurate it's like you're going to fight an army naked and without a weapon. Let's not forget that this is a TEXT base roleplay where all your characters interactions are done by WRITING and that spelling and grammar are a necessity in writing.

You always have enough time to read over your post yourself or get someone else to post as well as throwing it through a spell check. Doing that will basically fix all the issues with your spelling and grammar and will take like 5-10 minutes MAX.

Oh and this discussion point is done now before it becomes a flame war.

Also if you still have an issue with this you can take it up with me either by VM's or PM's.
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