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    I hereby present, an extremely long (by my standards) sign-up all under the spoiler. Have fun reading

    FULL NAME: Sora Yamanoto
    DATE OF BIRTH: 12/20/1993
    GENDER: Male
    APPEARANCE: Sora is unlike the average Japanese man in appearance. He has dark, wavy, black hair that rests on his shoulders, flowing unrestrained to the midsection of his torso, sharing the same colour as his eyes. He has an average build and stands around 5’9”. A high metabolism keeps him from gaining much weight, and alas his eating habits are nothing special, preferring to get store-bought bento but otherwise getting anything he can get his hands on. He has a long scar on his left arm extending from his shoulder to his elbow from an instance of abuse from his father, a constant unwanted reminder that Sora tends to avoid looking at and usually keeps it under wrapping gauze. His skin is slightly tanned, suggesting that he has foreign blood.

    Sora’s usually outfitting consists of a plain white T-shirt (commonly white or black) under a black zip-up hoodie that he wears when outside, preferring to remain covered in clothing while in public. He often wears Dark Shades even while inside, as his eyes are sensitive to light, rendering him unable to go out in the sunlight without them and he is rarely seen without them on.

    USERNAME: Umi_No_Uta
    GUILD: None as of Yet

    Astronomical Exchanger: Traded more than 100 items in a single week.
    Money Makes The World Go Round: Has traded for profit with 5000 different people from another continent
    DAEMON APPEARANCE: Sora’s Daemon has a silhouette appearance, having no bodily distinctions aside from looking part man, part dog, walking sometimes on all fours or being bipedal. It has dog-like ears, whiskers, and a tail, but otherwise it has human traits such as the head shape, arms, legs, hands and feet. The only facial feature, or for the matter the only body feature, inside of the silhouette is a mouth, that remains distinctly human. His daemon mocks his hairstyle, being long and free and also black, along with the rest of his daemon’s “Body”. His daemon wears a gray and black leather jacket without pants (The “lower area” is flat like a Barbie Doll so no need to cover your child(ren)’s eyes). It stands 4 feet tall and has a fairly average build like Sora’s. A cold steel, black, pole is mounted on it’s back as Sora’s weapon of choice, although he isn’t combat centered he is adept at using the polearm.

    ROLEPLAY SAMPLE: It was a late, cold night when Sora was finally let off of work. He made no stops, picking up a few energy drinks, a bento, and some fruit from his place of employment before locking up the store. Around halfway home, 2 blocks away, was a man with a scraggy, overgrown, untrimmed beard and worn out clothes. When Sora passed by the man, paying him no attention but ready if the man assaulted him, the man held up his left hand to Sora with his palms facing up, a gesture that was obviously a request for money.

    "Sorry, but I don't have any money to spare on me right now." Sora lied, without stopping. As he reached the end of the block and stopped, he looked back at the man, and sighed in relief that the man didn't try anything odd.

    "I don't work hard for a living just for people to leech off of my paycheck." Sora whispered to himself. Instantly feeling guilty for his comment and brushing the man aside, he grabbed a few coins in his pocket and nervously handed it to the man, who grinned at him and did an awkward bow out of gratefulness.

    "You have a good night." Sora said feeling a returning feeling of guilt. He knew that there was nothing good about being homeless and regretted saying this. Sora returned the bow with a nod of acknowledgement and then strided into the direction he was headed, until he got to his apartment black that towered 20 stories high but stood in the shadow of the many skyscrapers in the area.

    As Sora opened his apartment door and locked it behind him out of what was now a habit. He didn’t bother to turn on the lights, throwing his jacket on the floor and kicking off his shoes. As he approached the other side of the room, he kicked a worn, outfit of clothing frowned a minute seeing that he had forgot to clean his apartment, but quickly shrugged and dropping the bag of groceries he was toting up until now onto the reclining chair in front of his computer, which was the only source of light that was on, in the entire apartment. He looked down at his taskbar, displaying two things: Cloud v6.65 and a paused playlist of music that Sora immediately resumed. A mixture of electronic, rhythmic sounds rang throughout the room at a moderate volume. Sora lingered at the computer, standing, before grabbing the warm, bag and jumping into the reclining chair, that he comfortably sunk into. It leaned back to a point to where it was near impossible to tell if he was laying down or sitting. He grabbed the steaming bento and opened it up with a grin on his face, devouring most of it before returning his attention to his CPU screen, which was now showing Cloud. He was timed out for idleness, causing Sora to swear under his breath before logging back in.

    A loud barking occurred outside, to Sora’s dismay, causing him to plug in a pair of gaming headphones to block it out. A handful of notifications appeared in the corner and as Sora scanned the messages that he received, only one appealed to him with immediate interest that was enough for him to read it at the moment.

    If you log into your CLOUD account between 00:00 and 00:01 on the 14th of December, 2012, you will be given a special sneak peek announcement, giving a hint on what CLOUD's 10th Anniversary special announcement might be about. Spread the word! Don't miss out!

    Sora grinned at the sight of this. Maybe it was going to be some sort of Item giveaway or something he could sell. If not, his instinct just told him that it would be something of interest. After reading this a second time to be sure of what he read, and a third to memorize it, he check the other messages from a few clients that were sending him prices they would pay for the rare robes he was auctioning, that he had been lucky to come across after defeating a mob in STORM. Sora laughed as he saw that the lowest offer was 10 yen, probably some troll. The highest offer was…. 100 USD! A racist player no doubt Sora said, as he looked at the player’s screen-name, which was a racial slur. He immediately, reported the player, without thinking, and such usually wouldn’t offend him. After selling the robes for around 500 yen, he removed his headphones, stopped his music, and searched his computer for an adequate movie to watch.

    History: Sora was just a high school student and at first he thought he would be fine. He had good grades, he had a few friends, and he even had a gaming interest. His life was fine until he reached his second high school year, where he felt overwhelmed by the collapse of his life. His father picked up a heavy drinking problem that soon resulted in him being relieved from his office job and having to pick up a lower paying job at a nearby liquor store. Sora gained a bad reputation from his father at school and soon his teachers started to treat him poorly, thinking he was like his father and soon almost the whole student body picked up this same attitude towards Sora after his dad got in an argument that turned physical with a teacher. Soon Sora’s friends stopped hanging out with him because of rumors that they heard about him and Sora became lonely and lost all of his hope for the rest of the time he attended high school. Although Sora felt that his world was spiraling down the drain, he found hope. One day, in 2008, he got an email from a person he didn’t know, suggesting that he try a game called Cloud that he had heard of once before but he had never bothered looking into it. Sora almost, dismissed this as SPAM, but tempted by curiosity, he signed up and eventually began making a profit off playing. He earned money doing numerous things including selling in-game items for profit and he also picked up a part time job at a small grocery store where he soon was able to save up a large amount of money. Soon he graduated High School and moved into an affordable apartment in town and lived off of Cloud and his job, making a profit and distancing himself from his father out of shame.
    • Hasn’t gone a week without 1 trade
    • Rarely Goes Outside other than Necessities and Work
    • Although he trades worldwide, he has yet to leave Japan but desired to do so when little, something that Cloud fulfills for him
    • He is not very outgoing in Real Life but in Cloud he is more Social