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    "You'd have a hard time of it," the stranger said. Nadia returned her sky blue gaze to the Hylian woman, and took a quick step back as if attempting to run away from the strange aura escaping her body and then pitifully giving up immediately after. "I've tried," the woman said, taking a drink from her waterskin and showing it to Nadia to prove it wasn't tampered with in any way. Nadia immediately felt a tingling and chill wash over her, which completely robbed the attention she was giving the waterskin half a second ago. Whatever this woman had done, it turned out Nadia's internal fire like a light switch. She tried to exclaim, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! with her telepathy, but she found herself unable to send it out. This is clearly the kind of people we avoid.

    Before she had a chance to ask questions aloud, the woman told her not to worry about the tingling sensation she felt and then introduced herself and the fairy. She was Mira, and the fairy was Thorn. Nadia felt too worked up to even give the fairy a second look and kept her gaze on Mira. "My name's Nadia," she started, trying not to tremble from the sudden cold. "And combat magic is the only thing that can keep me alive. Why shouldn't I use it?"

    From what Nadia could tell, she wasn't in immediate danger at that moment and wouldn't be until the stalchildren showed up. That was sure to happen sometime soon, though. They tended to ambush her more often than not, so much that Nadia had an exact strategy she used on them every single time. They're coming. They're coming.
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