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    Have had some pretty good luck with shiny Pokemon. My first was a shiny Elekid in Pokemon Crystal, and I've had plenty since. Poochyena and Spoink in Saphire, Zubat in Fire Red, Luxray in Diamond. Soul Silver trolled me though, I let my little sister play and she screams across the room saying she found a shiny. Upon investigation it was a Magikarp (and this isn't a troll, it happened around 2 weeks ago), found in Lake of Rage which kind of befitted it. In White, and Black 2 I've got myself a Liepard, Gigalith and Politoed. I've probably had more in previous games but I can't really recall them. I guess some of them are oky, but I'm not really fond of any of them other then Politoed haha.