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pepperton // phillippa watson
thunder arena // new york city, usa
At the first word of losing her life savings, Phillippa had already pulled out her microphone and snapped it on her head, regardless of the fact she was in her cubicle at work. Others in the workspace had also thrown the 'no speaking' or whatever rule off the table, loud chatter had begun. And the announcement wasn't even over yet.

When ICARUS disappeared, shouting had started between her boss another one of her co-workers. Phillippa didn't dare take her eyes off the screen to see who, manouvering her DAEMON out of the THUNDER arena being her main priority at the moment. Where would the safest place to be? CLOUDLANDS would be the obvious pick, but she would only be able to leave her DAEMON alone until nine o'clock tonight. Then, she'd have to play until one in the morning and come back at eleven. If she didn't have a job, it would be a cake walk to stay alive. Of course, she could just not go to work but working in media would be the best thing for her to try and make sense of what was going on. She had to worry about that later though.

"Move out of the way!" Phillippa shouted into her headset. Pepperton's seat was wedged between two, much larger members who were fighting with the members beside them. She couldn't do much but jump down the seats and try to make her way into the actual arena itself as the grandstand doors were blocked with people trying to get out.

"Ms. Watson?" a voice from behind Phillipa boomed, verbally putting his hands on his hips. It was very obvious who it was; anyone could feel his powerful presence, being the supervior of Phillippa's sector at the New York Times. Even though Phillippa was part of the obituaries, every boss took their job seriously here. "Are you playing video games at work?"

"This isn't a video game, Mr. Johnson," Phillippa didn't bother to turn around to talk to him, which only annoyed him more. "When was the last time you checked your CLOUD account?"

"Excuse me?"

"CLOUD just self destructed. I'd suggest you might want to go check your DAEMON otherwise you might have your identity stolen."

The silence behind her told her that he was either growing more furious or was trying to understand what she was saying.

"What?" the latter, then.

"Go check your account. You'll see," there was another moment of silence and Mr Johnson strode off, muttering something to himself.

Back in CLOUD, Pepperton had already scaled down most of the steps. A glowing light pulsed in the centre of the arena, obviously where ICARUS had escaped through. It was a teleport crystal light, though when Pepperton finally made it to the last hundred or so rows, the colour of the light shifted from green to blue. Any light like that always meant a teleport back to Cirrus. That was an easy way out and it would save a whole lot of time than manually walking to the capital.

Her dreams were shattered when RAIN leveled monsters were suddenly spawned around the light, maybe ten or so of them. Usually, this would be something that Pepperton could do unequipped with her eyes closed but because all of her levels and skills and items had been reset, she had nothing. Two at once would kill her and then her key was free for the taking. There was only one real way of dealing with it, as much as she really didn't want to.

"Party up, party up!!" she said, trying to catch anyone's attention, though most were distracted by the riots.

Party up! Party up!
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