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Haven't posted in a while, just checking in.

To be honest I haven't really been able to find the time or motivation to hunt lately. Been working a lot these past few weeks and when I come home I find myself too tired to get any real hunting done. Still trying to make progress though, because even just 50 SRs a day is better than none. Went and bought Heart Gold yesterday so I have another game to play so I can switch it up. My current hunts are for Dratini in SS and Piplup in Platinum, while I plan on starting a new hunt for another Johto starter in HG. Here are the numbers:

Dratini - 2370 SRs [SS]
Piplup - 0 SRs *reset [Platinum]
Johto starter - 0 SRs *not yet started [HG]

Once I start my HG starter hunt, I'll be switching back and forth between that and the Dratini hunt because of the fast resets. I also reset my Platinum game and plan to start a fresh hunt for Piplup on it once I put up more numbers in HG and SS. For the starters I'm hoping most for shiny Totodile since I think it has the best shiny colors of the three, and even though Typhlosion is my favorite I already have one in SS. I'll settle for either Totodile or Chikorita since I don't have either of them yet. Hopefully something shines for me soon!

Good luck to everyone!


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