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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    I would love to see a new Chicken or Pig Pokemon the only problem is, those types of farms would have to provide food or materials in some way. Miltank Ranch produced MooMoo Milk and Floccesy Ranch produced wool from their Mareep.

    Chicken/Pig idea...unless they game them a very odd harvest ability similar to Combee, would indicate that its a slaughter farm. All Pokemon hatch from Eggs so Chicken raising would mean killing baby chickens unless new eggs are produced. (Ya I realize it doesn't paint a pretty picture for Soft Boiled and Chansey). Pigs...unless they find mushrooms, would mean they are raised to be eaten. Which I don't think Gamefreak would want to go into.
    Well, there is one thing these animals produce that could be farmed... mulch. :P

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