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    Turning around to block a square punch in the face, Wind still couldn't believe what he was seeing.

    Crap... I'm screwed. The best thing to do now would be to get to the CLOUDLANDS lounge, even if it means taking some keys... perhaps I can use someone elses credit card number to get cash that could be used for something in-game? Hmmmm... he thought, still brawling this large dog thing.

    It seemed like it was a new player. No matter. Wind swerved back; although all of his stuff was reset to level zero and his purple wings were now incapable of flight- or of anything for that matter- he still was very light and quick due not only to his reflexes but also the small amount of stuff he had on him. Planting not one, not two, but three attacks on the person's face, he stepped back, then unleashing a flurry of punches. Thank goodness that he had learned every single button press on the system and the nuances of almost every item; he would've been toast if he hadn't selected the speediest armor over the bulkier, more expensive ones. After the dog's key had rattled and fell on the floor, sticking like a magnet to the Daemon, he grabbed it, placing it in the inventory and going out of his way to get around all the fighting. If only he still had his Plasma Blade... all the trouble he went to get it...

    It wasn't until he saw RAIN leveled monsters piling up in the arena that he noticed what was at stake.

    Hikoru (1st person)

    Scanning the screen, checking my ears, making sure I had heard this correctly; this key was apparently helluva lot important. Skyflare was probably going to run his mouth about teamwork within the guild and soon abandon it himself; but I'm only part of this guild in technicality- and now, the weak would need mercenaries more than ever- but I needed to take care of myself first. Adjusting my hand to better feel on the mouse, I thought it wasn't much; probably just a practical joke, especially considering how the Mayan calendar or whatever ended today. Kiko began to whine, though; maybe I should get her some food... but I can't stay idle for long. After defeating mister dog thing and picking up the key (it read Moniker_24... what a strange name), I looked towards the center of the arena, stroking my dog's fur quietly. And then....

    Ah, crap.


    So much was at stake, not only because of his Daemon's imminent death but the more troubling fact that... suddenly... more than just a computer sprite was on the line. Everything was. Credit cards, debit cards, all of that... and he had been sadistic and selfish enough to take another's life. Of course, he still had to protect himself... but taking someone else's identity? Their life, in a sense? What am I doing? WHY WORLD, WHY?

    Woah, woah, woah, slow down there, partner. Wind wiped his green visor with a small cloth. He had to continue, for his sake. Hikoru, at that moment, grabbed his necklace, it being warm to the touch. Wind, looking around at the monsters, saw the portal to CIRRUS in front of him, and decided he'd have to get to it. No matter what happened. Making sure his red, nearly metallic gloves were in place, he looked around, where he saw someone yelling.

    "Party up! Party up!"

    That may have just been a good idea, he thought, running over to the chinchilla/lioness/thing. "I'll help in whatever way I can," he said, " as long as we can get to that teleport. I'm very quick, if that helps with anything...." he sighed. "Normally, I could fly over there and kick some ass, but that's not happening today without any equipment."
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