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Plains of Valkaria

Bloodthirster had a point. These Pokemon came from nowhere. They probably weren't apart of the Alpha Alliance either. Which made their tie to the Silver Tribe highly likely. Zane was also on edge after the debacle with the Thieves.

"I realize how you feel." Zane responded to Bloodthirster's comments. "And I agree, we have to be wary. But to not trust anyone based on the acts of those with past bad blood between us is folly. Many hate the Silver Tribe, and this guy probably is one of them. Besides, we need to find Defender, and they said he could help us free Cape City. Isn't that worth the risk?" He asked him, crossing his arms. He sighed, as Blitzkrieg began stirring from his unconscious state next to him.

"Not long." Zane said, responding to the newcomer's question. He filled him in on the current plan, before getting back to Bloodthirster. "If it comes to the point that we have to fight our way out, or anything of the manner, we'll manage. This time, we'll be prepared. We're the Gold Tribe, after all. Right?"

As the Swift passed them on the way to bed, Zane nodded in silent compliance, remembering how late it actually was. "We should all probably be heading to sleep. We've got a long day ahead of us. I'll take the first watch." He decided, seeing as they all were probably tired from the fight anyways, and he didn't feel he should bother the newcomers with the watch yet. Slowly, the others in the Gold Tribe began to retire. Some stayed up for a little longer while others decided to go to sleep. Zane sat silently by himself for a while as he kept watch, the cool wind of the night sky reminding him to keep his eyelids open. He sat, staring off into the distance of the direction of Cape City, thinking on many things. As the Swift prepared to sleep, he heard him mutter something under his breath. "Damned Auron." He said, before drifting off. Zane stared at the Swift for a while as he slept, his words inside of his mind, flowing through. Zane supposed they were good final words to say before a drift to sleep, a curse of your enemies, in this case the enemy. In times of war, Zane figured that this would be the equivalent of a "Good night." It might as well be. He shrugged, thinking to himself that he would probably do the same as he would go to sleep as well. A slight smile crept onto his face by this, followed by a pondering question.

He wondered if Auron should be the real target of their curses. He was the face of the enemy now, the wielder of the Silver Crystal, the one who must be defeated if all of this were to end. But he was not the source of evil. The Silver Crystal was. But could he really curse the Crystal as he would go to sleep? It was just an object, no face behind it. Then what about the Dark being inside? Zane had no idea what in fact it looked like. Could he put that face to Noctus? Noctus, who helped them earlier, only to disappear now and is believed to possibly have been the one to start this all?

"Hey." the deep, grumbling voice of Gallant said as he placed an arm on Zane's shoulder. Zane looked at him, snapping out of his deep trance-like daydream. Apparently, a lot of time had passed as he was in this state. "Your shifts over. Why don't you go get some sleep, Vigil? I'll take over for you."

Zane stared into the face of Gallant for a moment before nodded and heading over to his supplies, laying out his mat he carried with him and resting his head upon it, closing his eyes. As he closed them, he tried to paint a picture of the face he should curse, the one who was the source of all this, but couldn't picture it. Instead, flashes of Dark Lightning and Calamity were in his mind. Destruction in Liberty Town, the Ruins of Poseida, the damage done in Albia. Those were the pictures that haunted his mind. The constant faces of the ones that were lost, or those who had stayed behind to mourn them flashed in his mind. That was the face of what he cursed.

"Damned war." He said to himself, slowly drifting off into sleep.

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