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So far, nope I haven't. I never do. In Black 2, (my main game) I picked Tepig and he's turning out to be pretty good. In White , I originally was gonna pick Tepig cause I didn't like Snivy but alot of people suggested I do and I wasn't disappointed. Though I still wish I went Tepig cause he's proving to be a pretty good Pokemon as well. In White 2 I picked Oshawott cause my brother say I should cause it's the only Unova starter he likes. I haven't gotten too far to judge how good he is but I hear Samurott is great. Sure they're never the best Pokemon since they're only a starter, but I tend to get attached to them so it's hard for me to just box them even after the post game. But usually they stay in my party until I beat the story, but I still always have a set team so it never stay in the PC for forever.
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