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    No longer adding in images / GIFs into my updates. Takes too long. Sorry :\ However I will add pictures of beating the Champion.

    Fire Red Normal Monotype Challenge Update #5
    ~ ~

    -Didn't save (or my 'legit' FR copy from Ebay screwed me over...the pain of selling my original :'( ), had to redo Erika -> onwards from last time
    -Picked up SURF from Safari Zone
    -Now that I have 5 pokemon instead of 3 who engage in battle, level gains have decreased dramatically - the game will be more challenging now! Yay ^-^!
    -Taught Krabby SURF
    -Picked up STRENGTH from Safari Zone Warden
    -Taught STRENGTH to Krabby Wigglytuff Kangaskhan
    -Picked up FLY from Route 16
    -Taught Pidgeotto FLY
    -Taught Snorlax BRICK BREAK
    -Obtained bike and defeated the trainers on the Cycle Path
    -Pidgeotto evolved into Pidgeot at Lvl36 !! All team pokemon are now at their highest evolutions (Except for my HM Slaves)
    -Gave tea to the tunnel guard and arrived at Saffron City
    -Defeated Koichi (Fighting Dojo) difficulty: 2/5
    -Defeated Koga difficulty: 2/5. Obtained TOXIC
    -Taught Wigglytuff TOXIC
    -Entered Silph. Co
    -Defeated blue difficulty: 1/5
    -Defeated Giovanni difficulty: 0/5
    -Defeated sabrina difficulty: 4/5. I screwed up and trapped her alakazam into an ENCORE of CALM MIND - took down all of my team but snorlax, and reduced him to 25hp .
    Badges: 6/8

    The Team:

    Pidgeot "Hayden" Lvl41
    Clefable "Emily" Lvl41
    Wigglytuff "Kaitlin" Lvl41
    Kangaskhan "Tara" Lvl41
    Snorlax "Isaac" Lvl41
    Krabby "Owen" Lvl5 (HM Slave)