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    I haven't updated in a long time since I'm still trying to get a Yanma in HeartGold. I've spent 6 Hours looking for it, it's good experience, but its a pain.

    Any tips? All is can think of is keep changing the day in my DS Settings until it swarms, but i don't really want to do that.

    EDIT: Okay, so right after I post that, I find a Yanma. So here's my update!

    -Skipped Trainers on Route 35
    -Caught Scyther
    -Named her Erza; after the character of the same name in Fairy Tail
    -Grinded Erza to Level 19

    -Began Searching for Yanma
    -Grinded from Level 19 to Level 24
    -Timelord evolved into Ariados
    -Bought the Metal Coat from Pokethlon
    -Evolved Erza into Scizor
    -Called it a Day after 6 Hours

    -Grinded from Level 24 to Level 26
    -Finall Found & Caught Yanma
    -Named her Suzy; since I was watching Game Grumps, and Arin's fiance is called Suzy.
    -Grinded Suzy to Level 15
    -Finally Continued Playing normally
    -Made it to Ecruteak
    -VS Rival Pepsi
    --VS Gastly: Psybeam w/ Row
    --VS Zubat: Sonicboom w/ Suzy
    --VS Bayleef: Night Shade(x6) + Leech Life(x4) w/ Timelord
    --VS Magnemite: Dig w/ Timelord
    -Scared off the Legendaries
    -VS Leader Morty
    --VS Gastly: Psybeam w/ Row
    --VS Gengar: Shadow Claw(x3) w/ Heracross
    --VS Haunter: Psybeam(x2) w/ Row
    --VS Haunter: Psybeam(x3) w/ Row
    -Obtained Fog Badge


    Row [BUTTERFREE] Lv27 (F)
    Relaxed Nature @Pecha Berry
    -Sleep Powder

    Timelord [ARIADOS] Lv27 (M)
    Calm Nature @Soothe Bell
    -Leech Life
    -Night Shade
    -Fury Swipes

    Ceefore [HERACROSS] Lv27 (F)
    Jolly Nature @None
    -Shadow Claw
    -Rock Tomb
    -Aerial Ace
    -Brick Break

    Erza [SCIZOR] Lv27 (F)
    Sassy Nature @None
    -Wing Attack
    -Metal Claw

    Suzy [YANMA] Lv23 (F)
    Mild Nature @None
    Speed Boost
    -Shadow Ball
    -Quick Attack

    So, yeah, This is all my team will consist of. It'll be fun.