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Name: AlexOzzyCake
Partner Pokemon: Olli the Pidgey, Kenny the Buneary & IggyPop the Togekiss <3
Reason for Joining: There's two main reasons that I love Normal types. First off is the obvious reason that they're simply such a diverse type; you could find a Pokémon to play pretty much any role you'd want when using Normal types based on the sheer quantity of unique Pokémon available to use, and with having only one weakness they can fit into practically any team with ease to fill a spare space or two. The other reason is obvious for those who knows me, and it's that THEY'RE SO FREAKING CUTE OMGOMDFGOMHPOMD. <333 THERE'S A TEDDYBEAR AND A BUNNY AND A FERRET AND KITTENS AND MONKEYS AND SFJDGHDFSLGHDFS SO MUCH CUTE OMG. *ahem* So that's why!
Answer the current topic: Pidgey - It's a pretty cute Pokémon and I get to creep Olli out by naming lots of things after him. Plus making a site theme dedicated to Pidgey has forced me to look through so much art of the small bird that it's becoming rather adorable.
Bunery - Really it's just the cutest thing that has ever existed. I fell in love with Buneary after watching Dawn's in the anime and I've always wanted to use one on my team since. I have no idea why I haven't yet, but hey-ho, there's always time right? It's not really a Pokémon that I know much about, but it's one which I love to pieces. The name is just named after my rabbit back at home haha.
Togekiss - Togekiss is the first Pokémon I ever cared enough about to train to level 100, other than a Sandslash, but with Togekiss it meant a lot more to me as I'd used it as my partner Pokémon throughout the whole game and had grown quite attached to it whereas the Sandslash was just a "Hmm, I've never had a level 100, let's get some rare candies!". Not a single rare candy was used on Togekiss and he kicked butt (this is also partly why I love the Sinnoh region so much, this is what made me realise how fun/involved Pokémon can actually be), so it's one which means a lot to me.
Favorite Normal Type Move: Sweet Kiss - Cute and very deadly!

I'd like to vote for Buneary as featured Pokémon, mainly for the adorableness factor. Plus what other Pokémon can bunch with it's ears? B)

As far as potential mascots go, the only one I can see making it right now is Ursaring. It fits both you and this thread to a T haha.