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Jack Davis

Jack nodded as Irek spoke. "That's true. Those two were getting along so great." He said. He went back with Shadoan to the vendor and smirked at his question. "Shadoan, Shadoan, you are talking about a guy who collects psychic pokemon, I know very well how to fight them. It's the reason I have ghosts on my team after all!" He said with a nod.

Charlie did perk up at the mention of PSI power. "Truly? Well, this could be worth my time after all..." The Kadabra chuckled.

It seemed that Jack had everyone's number now, but as Kiba's was called he sighed and put his up. "Let's just head out." He muttered as he began to make his way out of the area. "We can find a place to camp this night, with Charlie it won't be that hard." He stated as the Kadabra smirked and once more as his trainer looked away gave Irek a death glare and began to follow after Jack.
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