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    Volt noticed her looking at his forehead before he asked her the question. Damn! His eyelid! Luckily, she redirected attention to his face once he had asked her the question, so it was all fine. At least, In his opinion.

    "I'm a werewolf. You?"

    Sorae stared at her. "You mean, I told you that I wanted to see how I would fare against a werewolf, and you turned out to be one?" He seemed to frown at first, but then laughed. "You know what? That's awesome!"

    He had raced against a werewolf. He should've gotten a medal or something! Oh well, it was fun anyway.

    Then he proceeded to the other thing... The kind of Youkai that he was. "I'm a Yasha-but I can only summon a kitten for now, but I'm working on that- which is why I wear this headband. It holds down my hair- when it's dry- and covers my eyelid." He frowned. "My third eyelid." Volt put his headband back in its normal state. "Well," he began in his cheery mood, "it's getting dark. I don't mind the dark, nor do I mind being with you, but it's getting late. Wanna stay a bit longer, or should we return to the dorms?"
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