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Welcome to the Club everyone!! :D

Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Name: Olli97

Partner Pokemon: Pidgey and Ursaring
Reason for joining: I only joined for Pidgey Part of the reason is, that a few of my all-time favourite Pokemon are Normal types, and that's pretty much where any fan of anything starts their road, right? They're usually not the first Pokemon I think of when making a team, but I also feel like that's kinda their purpose. I mean, most people organize their teams, so they have type diversity with resistances and advantages against other Pokemon, while Normal type Pokemon, granted that they're using Normal type moves, aren't strong against any, and still have one weakness, and they're at times, quite frankly, pretty boring. However, the Normal typing is probably the one with the most diversity, and a lot of the Pokemon can learn several moves of other typings, and with a lot of them also being bulky, it serves to give a good combination of advantages through moves, and making them able to take a lot of hits, so they can serve as a tank for the team, which is the reason why I often end up getting one in my team anyways. Of course there are exceptions, but that just seems to be the general trait of Normal type Pokemon.
Favorite Normal Type Move: Honestly, Normal type moves aren't really any that stand that much out to me, so I can't really recall that many at the moment. I guess I'd say Tackle though, just because it's the basic Normal type move, and we've all been stuck using it at one point :D

Tell us about why you chose your partners from amongst all the other normal types. What do you think makes them a normal type?

The reason I chose them is pretty simple to be honest, not much to elaborate on. Both of them served as a main part of my Pokemon adventure. Pidgey was the very first Pokemon I caught and raised, and I grew very fond of it very quickly. It's cute, and it's pretty decent in battle, even though it isn't the strongest of the starter birds. I just grew to like it very quickly, and though I may not use it that much anymore, since there are lots of better choices to use when it comes to actually playing the games, I still always make sure to catch one whenever I can.

Ursaring was a Pokemon that had saved me countless times back when I played the second generation games. I really liked the design of Teddiursa though, and when I saw it in my brothers game, I really wanted one. I couldn't get it in Silver however, and it was first very late in Gold you were able to catch one. So my brother bred one and traded it over once I started on my Silver adventure, and though it proved to be pretty weak as a Teddiursa, it really leapt forward once it evolved.
Welcome to the club! I love how you explained the ups and downs of using normal types as well as their erratic tendancy to not follow a specific pattern of abillities or usefulness.

Your partners are admirable too. Pidgey being your favorite and first pokemon caught is awesome, and of course you have the all conquering Ursaring . However to my misfortune, ulike my other partners I never been able to use Ursaring in-game due to me owning HG and how Ursaring's location was changed to SS. However I'm in the process of training one now. =)

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Name: AlexOzzyCake
Partner Pokemon: Olli the Pidgey, Kenny the Buneary & IggyPop the Togekiss <3
Reason for Joining: There's two main reasons that I love Normal types. First off is the obvious reason that they're simply such a diverse type; you could find a Pokémon to play pretty much any role you'd want when using Normal types based on the sheer quantity of unique Pokémon available to use, and with having only one weakness they can fit into practically any team with ease to fill a spare space or two. The other reason is obvious for those who knows me, and it's that THEY'RE SO FREAKING CUTE OMGOMDFGOMHPOMD. <333 THERE'S A TEDDYBEAR AND A BUNNY AND A FERRET AND KITTENS AND MONKEYS AND SFJDGHDFSLGHDFS SO MUCH CUTE OMG. *ahem* So that's why!
Answer the current topic: Pidgey - It's a pretty cute Pokémon and I get to creep Olli out by naming lots of things after him. Plus making a site theme dedicated to Pidgey has forced me to look through so much art of the small bird that it's becoming rather adorable.
Bunery - Really it's just the cutest thing that has ever existed. I fell in love with Buneary after watching Dawn's in the anime and I've always wanted to use one on my team since. I have no idea why I haven't yet, but hey-ho, there's always time right? It's not really a Pokémon that I know much about, but it's one which I love to pieces. The name is just named after my rabbit back at home haha.
Togekiss - Togekiss is the first Pokémon I ever cared enough about to train to level 100, other than a Sandslash, but with Togekiss it meant a lot more to me as I'd used it as my partner Pokémon throughout the whole game and had grown quite attached to it whereas the Sandslash was just a "Hmm, I've never had a level 100, let's get some rare candies!". Not a single rare candy was used on Togekiss and he kicked butt (this is also partly why I love the Sinnoh region so much, this is what made me realise how fun/involved Pokémon can actually be), so it's one which means a lot to me.
Favorite Normal Type Move: Sweet Kiss - Cute and very deadly!

I'd like to vote for Buneary as featured Pokémon, mainly for the adorableness factor. Plus what other Pokémon can bunch with it's ears? B)

As far as potential mascots go, the only one I can see making it right now is Ursaring. It fits both you and this thread to a T haha.
Welcome, and those are some really cute nicknames for your Bunneary and Togekiss!

Well i do beleive normal is the first or second most numerous type?(the other being water) I agree the the cute branch of the normal type family are just irresistable. However my favorite branch are the cool or tough looking pokes. I like how normal types in a way bring out the naturalness, or life, to a region in a way with its aboundance of animalistic pokemon.

Originally Posted by Eeveelution Co-ordinator View Post
Name: Eeveelution Co-Ordinator
Partner Pokemon: Fang the Bidoof, Eon the Eevee (Other slot open for reasons you'l see later on in this post.
Reason for Joining: Normal types are only weak to ONE TYPE, and can learn LOADS of other type moves (and my some of my favourite pokemon lie in this Type grouping)
Answer the current topic: I choose Bidoof as when I was playing through my first Main Series game of Pokemon (Diamond) I thought it was just so darn cute, but didn't catch t. In a later re-play of the game, I found it to be the strongest Pokemon I'd caught that early in game, but that honour is no shared with my Sewaddle (now a Leavanny). For Eevee, well I just love EEVEE!!!! They have many evolutions so very interesting to train them all.
Favourite Normal Type Move: Metronome

Oh and how come there are no Gen V pokemon? (My poor, lovely Watchog...)
Its awesome to see someone give Bidoof/Biberal some love, cuz hes one of my fav normal types of gen 4. Dunno why so many people hate on him so much :/. Well, anyway eevee is another popular fan favorite :D. I think eevee reaches out to people in the way it does for giving such a broad horizon to different battle styles or astheisic prefence upon evolution. And finally thanks for he notice about the fith gen pokemon, I added them right away! So your're free to name your Watchog


As you all can see, the CSS from the club has disapeared(cuz the editer hates me ) due to some frustration with the coding. So for the time being Simple Vanilla is going to be a bit...well, simple until I remake the CSS, possibly with some help.

Also, i've decided to make a mascott pokemon for the club instead of a featured pokemon. Just to be certain on your votes(some voted, some didnt, and some who did were still conflicted between choosing a mascott or featured pokemon) i'd like you to please re-post them. As such, my vote will go torwards Ursaring.