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    Ha! You've activated my trap card! Alpha Application! ALPHA SU ACTIVATE!

    Name: Hector Ayoba
    Age: 15
    Trainer: BW 2 Male
    Starter: Sword the Dewott - Night Slash

    Personality: Hector is very brave. The first thing on his mind is charging in to help anybody, no matter who they are as long as it means getting in some hero time. He isn't overly smart, nor is he overly dumb. He is of average intelligence, so his conversations aren't always the brightest. When he is around girls, he says the most awkwardly sweet things, like "I like your face..." or something of the likes. His awkwardness level is off the charts if you're a girl. He says the strangest things that won't make since. If you're a guy, he'll be just another one of the bros. There is nothing particular about Hector, other than his obsession with proving himself and being a hero.

    Hector absolutely hates boring people. The way they drone on drives him nuts. Excitement is always needed. He knows all of the stories of super heroes and fantasy heroes, pokemon heroes and rogue heroes. He could list all of them. Another thing he dislikes is chewing gum. When he sees someone chewing it he'll fix them with a cold, glaring stare. He is somewhat silent if he doesn't know you very well, or if you are someone he doesn't like. If you ask him why he doesn't speak, he'll answer, "Silence is my preferred form of communication." His father was a trainer himself, so Hector vowed that he would be the Pokemon League and become the pokemon master. He has taken that vow to heart and believes every word of it.

    Roleplay sample:

    I don't know where to begin. I've never been good at this kinda stuff...well crap. I'll just start off with what I ate for breakfast. I had an Oran Berry sandwich. It was pretty good...My mom made it. She's an amazing cook....wait...Crap. Got a little off topic there...well, memory, don't fail me now! (Looks off into the distance and a flashback appears with the dreamy music)

    I woke up to a buzzing alarm clock. I shot up and looked at the time. It took a minute for my mind to register it. A little drool was dribbling down my chin. "Dang..." I blinked. "I'M FREAKING LATE!" I got up and pulled some blue jeans on over my bare legs, tossed a white t-shirt on, buttoned a red shirt over my white shirt, and pulled my backpack on. I looked into my mirror and noticed I had unsightly bed head. I couldn't go out in public with that, so I reached over and grabbed a red hat and plopped it down on my head. "There we go. No one shall see the disgrace that is bed head now." I nodded with an affirming look and ran down my stairs, jumping to skip the last four.

    "Hey Hector! Where are you going in such a hurry?" My mom asked in an unhurried tone. She held out my breakfast, which I talked about earlier.

    "No time mom! Gotta go start my pokemon journey!" I said it as if it was one word and snatched the sandwich from her hand. Eating could wait. Pokemon adventures couldn't.

    "Hector, WAIT!" My mom called after me. I didn't stop. Stopping is an excuse for...bleh! Failure is just an excuse for stopping. Me and my forgetting terms...

    I ignored her statement and was well down the street to meet Professor Pine at the Pokemon Center with a trail of dust behind me. The world around me was a blur. I was truly running like the wind. All I could say was, "WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" In a loud, unnecessary voice. The lab was approaching fast. If I stopped, I would be sent sprawling. If I didn't stop, I would slam right into the side of the center. Either way is was gonna hurt.

    I stopped. It did hurt. I went to the ground in seconds and I was jacked up. I stood up with this awful crick in my back to come face-to-face with Professor Pine. "That wasn't very smooth, young lad." She said with a tsk, tsk voice while wagging a finger.

    "He...Hehe...He..." I trailed off. "Yeah....So...Could I have a pokemon?" I asked awkwardly and rubbed the back of my neck with one hand and gave an awkward grin.

    "Of course. Follow me." She led me inside the center and gestured to three pokeballs. "These contain Wartortle, Ivysaur, and Charmeleon. Take your pick."

    The thought of taking the stage 2 pokemon bamboozled me. "Wait! What about Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charman-?"

    "BECAUSE SCREW THEM!" Professor Pine interrupted me. "Ehem. Sorry." She cleared her throat. "Anyways, which one do you want?"

    "I'll take Dewott." I said with a little bit of caution. I didn't want to be yelled at again.

    She handed me my Pokedex, my pokeballs, and the pokeball that contained Dewott. "Thanks, Professor Pine." With that, I exited the lab.

    I waltzed out into Route 1 with a leisurely pace. When I was a good distance in, I released Dewott. "Hello there." It just stared at me. "What's up little bro?" He stirred when I said bro. "Do you wanna be my bro?" He nodded again. "How about Sword?" He nodded again. "So Hector and Sword...original names!" I fist pumped in triumph. We had bro names!
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