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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I don't care about swearing. I swear all the time, especially when I'm really angry. I do think there are times to use them and times to not use them though, so we should be mindful of that. The only word I can't tolerate isn't even a swear word though, so lol.
Very much the same here (even down to having only one (non-swear) word I can't tolerate!). I can have quite colourful language in conversation, though it is very much a thing shared in my area. I use "****ed" as a verb quite a lot (not in a ~mature~ way, as in "I'm so ****ed for this test!"), as well as various swears as an expression of shock / horror. However, I think there is absolutely a level where swear words are too common. My brother, for example, throws in "****ing" at least three times in every single sentence and it is so tiring. It's all so "haha look how macho and unclassy I can be!".
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