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    "Sounds fine to me... I volunteer as tribute, I guess, would be the thing to say ATM."

    Wind cracked his knuckles. It was going to be a long day, at this rate. Looking through his green visor, he saw the RAIN leveled monsters surrounding the teleport. "I guess the only way around this is by working together, although a team rush would be reckless right now. Ryuujinx's idea works fine. Let's just get to CLOUDLANDS; because... I could really use doing something in... the physical world right now. And I'm sure everyone else does too..." except for MonkeyBoi_89, of course. Looking down at the corner of the screen, Wind noticed something he'd rather not confront now.

    Oh hell no...


    Skyflare X would like to talk to you.

    No. Not now.

    "What the hell do you want?!"

    "I need backup." Skyflare was straight and to the point. "ASAP. I sent an SOS to everyone. Help, please, my credit card is on the line."

    "No. So is my credit card."

    "But I'm the leader of your freaking guild! Get over here NOW!"

    "I could truly care less. I have things to do; more important than you. People who actually have logic are on the line over here, and I don't give a crud what happens to you. You're on your own, tyrant." Well of course, besides one of these people, but whatever.

    I closed the chat with Skyflare, waiting for anyone else.

    I began to look around at more important things. Like the clock, for example. It was getting late. If this was any other day, I'd be going to the university. I no longer have the time now. The A Train could run without me today. I smelled myself... the sooner I get out of here, the better, I thought... cause I smell really bad.

    I spoke over my headset, my normal, cheery voice (but still with a hint of seriousness) setting in.

    "Are you guys ready to rumble?"
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