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    I still love them; the Dinosuar look just makes me think of the baby dinosuar from Banjo tooie, its like just awesome and done very well. The cat seems a little generic but still really cool, and I can only imagine what the final one could end up being, you could make it engulfed completely in fire, or maybe ghost fire and have it be a charred skeleton with flames, the possibilities are endless. and finally I just love water types >.< especially cut little guys like that! he's definitly my favorite, its just completely adorable, but the second one looks strange, i cant really tell what you're going for, but its kinda because of the pose, it leaves more questions than answers hahahaha, but I'm really excited for the final evolutions!! you did a great job on all of them, especially considering you arent a professional artist! You totally could have fooled me! The only thing I wanna see is how you make them into Pokémon sprites to be used in a game ;D
    Now that would be something worth seeing
    Good luck!

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