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Really liking what I'm seeing here, to be honest! You've got some really good designs with some really nice shading there. But, like others probably said, the only main aspect I can see you working on to improve on them is the anatomy. Won't really be talking about the whole body but more about stuff that stick out to me in particular. For example, when I see Ceratal, I see a really nicely designed fakemon with an odd tail. Everything feels just right except the tail. To be honest, it just doesn't look natural because the curve isn't smooth enough, if that makes any sense. Kitturn's pose is really well done but here, yet again, I find the tail to be a little odd. I wish I had a tablet so I could've expressed myself better by telling you where exactly I think you went wrong but oh well. I really think you could benefit a bit from practicing tails more, no matter how silly that might sound. Apart from them lacking the proper curves that make them look unnatural right now, I also think that they're pretty much there just for the sake of it. I think you could make a little more creative use of them, to be honest. They might as well be playing around with their tails in some of the art or stuff like that, y'know. But that's not as important, I guess. Just throwing it out there as I think it might help you out as far as dynamic poses are concerned.

Also, I think Ceratal could've looked a little better if you extended the green part to a little further on the tail but that probably ain't what you intended so I wouldn't go there. But yes, as Alexial stated, I think you ought to work on adding depth to the eyes. Everything's just so well done here that the flat eyes stick out like a sore thumb. Especially in the case of Kitturn and its evolution.

Anyway, good stuff. Will be glad to see more of your works in the future man. Before I depart, I'd just throw in another thought - The shading in most of your works look as if they're composed of different phases. The transition between the light and the dark areas of certain areas of body parts do not feel as smooth as they should. You actually took care of it in the last fakemon. If I were you, I'd emulate that kind of shading in my future works.
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