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Solo Pokemon Challenge with - Soul Silver Update #3

The Progress:

-Caused the 3 Legendary Dogs to scatter over Johto
-Defeated Morty. Difficulty: 3/5. Once again, CURSE is the bane of the solo pokemon challenge.
Badges: 4/16

The Team:

"Xander" Lvl34

Rash - Overgrow
Headbutt, Razor leaf, Ingrain, Leech Seed
HP:109 Att:66 Def:81 SpA:77 SpD:67 Spe:69
"Kyle" Lvl3

HM Slave
"Holly" Lvl4

HM Slave
"Kim" Lvl6

HM Slave - Rock Smash, Surf

Due to one of my other challenges rapidly drawing to a close, I have decided to embark on another solo challenge. Here is the application:
Pokemon: Farfetch'd
Game: Platinum
Challenge: Solo
I will begin this as soon as my monotype challenge ends.