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Ooh, I spot a pretty good graphic artist here. <3

I'll start off by saying that you surely know your stuff as far as depth is concerned. You know where blurring and darkening stuff is necessary and where it just serves as a way to ruin things. You do not go overboard with effects and know how much is just adequate. This is, by far, my favorite tag of yours. It just looks amazing even though it has less effects going on in it. The positioning is fantastic, colors are really good, sharpening and blurring has been done amazingly and the lighting is impressive as well. Easily your best, in my opinion. I really, really hope to see more stuff like this in your gallery in the future. <3; Although that's not to say I wouldn't like it if you'd expand your horizons and try out new stuff - I'd love that too, lmao.

But yes, there's a little inconsistency in the quality of works you've posted in here. This, for example, lacks effects. You've blurred stuff out in order to draw the viewer's attention to the focal and it works but the tag as of now is a little plain and not really as appealing to look at as the other one. You could experiment a bit with the colors as well, I feel. On the other hand, this one, ironically, suffers from too much stuff going on in it. It just looks a little messy, to be honest. The lighting is a little too heavy in some places (like the bottom left - a little below dofla's face. The whole bottom left side in general, actually) which take away from the overall looks. I actually think the main problem in the tag lies in the fact that the effects you've used in there do not compliment the stock/render at all. Yeah, Dofla's got a pink theme but I'm pretty sure you could've gone for a bit of variation in colors and the c4ds/fractals used in there. I like how you've tried to emulate proper lighting in there but, to be frank, it doesn't really work. Like I said, the lighting is a bit heavy at the bottom and the dark areas, that you've probably burned, just do not work for this tag. In my opinion, for tags with bright colors as backgrounds, try not to put the opacity of the blur tool much more than 7-12% while burning in the 'highlights' mode. I do that in my works. :p The last one looks neat. I like the colors and the blurring you've done in it.

Overall, I think you've got some fine pieces in here. I really would love to see you update this gallery more often and let me feast my eyes. <3; Honestly, you've got gargantuan potential, as I see it. Don't let this die like before! :3
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