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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
I'll start off by saying that you surely know your stuff as far as depth is concerned. You know where blurring and darkening stuff is necessary and where it just serves as a way to ruin things.
Dero always knows the best way of saying things. :3

Anyway, Zero (HAH! Zero, Dero... similar names lmao) your tags are amazing! This piece is absolutely stunning! I agree with Dero, that tag really stands out from the rest. The others are awesome, mind you, but that tag is the perfect marriage of colors, blending, details, blacks, lights, subject, text, everything! Speaking of which, I would love to see more text in your works! I know you said you suck at them... But some of these tags are positioned so perfectly, like this one for instance, that they're just begging to have a little text in there.

Also, I don't think that red lighting [speaking of the same piece] is too much, but that's just my untrained eye. The way I see it, her eyes are green, so red is naturally a compliment if used correctly and in the right places. I can't see anything inherently bad about the red lighting, so therefore it must be a good thing! xP

I am super impressed by these! I really hope you keep posting!
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