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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Coronis

    Accatosh slowly awoke, feeling revived and ready to go. He stood up yawned his good morning to the sky before shaking his head to get rid of the sleepiness. “Good morning friends and siblings,” he called out, his mood was clearly cheerful. he took a couple of apples from his neck bag and ate them. A light breakfast yes, but all the more nutritious. he stood up and stretched out his limbs, starting with his legs, then neck, back, tail and finally his wings. ready to go, he simply stood ready, scanning the surrounding area for a few moments. When he decided that they were safe and there was no approaching threat, he glanced over to the three young ones, and gently awoke them from their slumber. “wake up young ones… it’s morning, we’ll have to leave soon,” he said in a calm, gentle but firm voice.