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    He says the little girl "seduced" him. 13 year old girls do not seduce. 13 year old girls get raped. Even if she consented, even if she thought it was what she wanted. She was ****ing 13 and he was an adult!
    Pleading ignorance is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Next thing you know, a little girls going to get shot in the head by a Muslim and he's going to get excused because he didn't know it was wrong. Because he compares girls to lollipops.
    That judge should not have let this slide.

    I for one think the guy is full of ****. If he was just basing his excuse off of the Islamic religion, then he wouldn't have had sex with her in the first place. Surely pre-marital sex isn't allowed. So **** that.

    The fact that he says she seduced him just goes back to the victim-blaming crap. "She wore a low cut shirt, she tempted me." "She was drunk." "The way she talked to me was like she was asking for it." If someone says no or stop at any time, you stop! And if it's a child, she can't even make that decision because, well, she's a child. Just take a child as an automatic "no," because they aren't prepared to make that decision. THAT is why it's illegal to have sex with a child, damn!

    To think that she wasn't even a teenager, not a highschooler, but a potential 7th grader. Ugh. He should have known better, and being a damn misogynistic Muslim isn't an excuse.
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