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    Originally Posted by GreatTornado View Post
    BlueShellBeast, you get Misdreavus, Umbreon, Sneasel, Forretress, Qwilfish and Venomoth. Good Luck!
    I apologize, but could you switch one of those Pokemon with one I can get Pre-Gym 2. The first one that I can get legally on this team is Pienco (which evolves into Forretress of course) after Gym 2 in the Illex Forest. (Both Misdrevus and Sneasel can only be gotten in the Mt. Silver area ((Which I'm fine with, I suppose)), Qwilfish after getting to Kanto ((Super Rod is gotten on Silence Bridge)), Eevee is obtained right before Gym 4 ((Have to talk to Bill about the Time Capsule first)), and Venonat can only be captured in Bug Catching Tournaments ((Right before Gym 3)). )

    Of course, if you're fine with me starting up the challenge at Illex Forest, or perhaps hacking in my first available Pokemon (Pienco) prior to the first gym, then you don't have to switch anything.
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