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"Alright then," Ryuujinx said, getting into it as she used to do when they were about to enter a dungeon in the times when CLOUD wasn't as real as now. She began moving closer to the monsters, hoping that the others would follow. They were all low leveled now so it wouldn't matter if she stayed in the background or chose the front. So she chose the front. She took out her dragon claws, but then realized that without the proper skill that she wouldn't possess on level 1, she couldn't use them in battle. So... what could she do? Kick and punch? Yeah. That would have to do. But she really didn't want to go at this alone, she really didn't want her identity to be stolen by the first DAEMON who happened to step on her key if a monster ripped her apart. Maybe she should have taken her time to assess the trustworthiness of the DAEMONS around her now, before she stepped into battle...

"Where's Charcoat? I didn't see her anywhere and I'm about to battle now..."


Haruhi's devastated reply made Arakira look up from her laptop for a moment. Her little sister was staring at her from her chair at the desktop.

"Are you going to kill another avatar? I never thought you would do that!"

"No! No, no. If you look at the middle of the arena, you'll see a portal and some monsters. Do you see a group of daemons? I'm right there! Ryuujinx is-"

"I'm not in the arena anymore..."

Arakira looked up again. Haruhi had turned back to her screen and the older sister could see Charcoat's blue body run in a rainy landscape alongside some other tiny daemons. The larger daemon was still there, seemingly protecting them. So she was safe... for the time being.

"How did you escape?"

"We just went out one of the entrances. There were many and we're small so."

"Just..." Arakira bit her lip. "Be careful."

"I will," Haruhi still didn't turn around, but carefully maneuvered her daemon through the landscape. A lot of others were running around there as well. "You too."

Arakira nodded even though it went unseen. Then she went back into the game. Ryuujinx threw herself at the nearest monster, something looking like a large, muscular and brown chicken, and let out an emote that would translate inside the game into a dragonlike roar. Arakira didn't feel like roaring into the mic by herself right now.

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