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May not be exactly 10, but some games I have fun with.....

• 01. Pokemon - especially gen 4 and 5, its the main reason I play games honestly. Love the anime, love the game, love the movies, love the fan artwork/stories. Having a chance to capture and play with my favorite Pokemon makes it all worth while.

• 02. Grand Theft Auto series - even though its violent and the music selection generally sucks, at least I can do stuff I would never dream about doing or being capable of doing in real life.

• 03. Bubsy: In Claws Encounters Of The Furred Kind - it was the very first game I played along with my grandma, so it has a special place in my hearth and in my memory. Its fun being a character I like (bobcat, I love cats too) and can control, having fun jumping and running, stomping on enemies.

• 04. FIFA series - I love football, so playing games with football is a good passtime for me, especially when I'm between watching games. For example One game ends the next one is an hour away, I'll play FIFA games while my brain is still pumped up with football

• 05. Sim City 4 - I love trying to recreate an amazing metropolis, and with all the downloadable addons, it makes the game 100% better.

• 06. Hoyle Board Games & Hoyle Card Games - Board games and card games, its great fun when I"m bored or waiting for a download to finish, or while eating, when Its not my turn I can take a bite of the food or have a sip of my drink. It brings hours of fun, even if I don't win every game, I always have fun trying, I love some of the hilarious stuff the other characters say.

I couldn't think of any more games I enjoy playing.
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