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What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: They are amazing looking and really useful battlers who are just the BEST! Also, they are so good, no Gym Leader can handle them. Only the Elite 4 can handle them, sort of...
Your partners: Darkrai and Sableye
What Types rule: Dark types rule!
Answer the current topic:
Viewing Dark type Pokemon and the dark type itself what would you classified it's greatest strengths and weaknesses to be?

I would definitely say there greatest strength is the immunity to Psychic-type attacks, making them help bring down the rulers of Pokemon during Gen II. However, their greatest weakness are definitely Bug-types and Fighting-types. Even though they have really high Attack power, this only really helps against Psychic Pokemon, as both Fighting and Bug Pokemon are often raised with high Defence AND Special Defence to counter Flying, Fire, Ice and Psychic Pokemon.

White 2: