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Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
What if robots used their intelligence for something other than malice and control? And in turn we learn that true intelligence is thinking beyond your own selfish desires? Advanced artificial intelligence could be the most peaceful, kindest thing and could have the most positive influence on our society. I think humans fear the malicious capabilities of intelligence out of guilt for what we've done to nature.
I think humans are afraid of higher beings than ourselves. Why do you think that for centuries we've prayed to appease various "Gods".
Aliens are another example. Any extra-terrestrial being that makes it to Earth will no doubt have higher intellectual properties than ourselves which is scary. Who knows what sort of machines and weapons they bring (If any weapons at all).

Let's take for example the evolution of humans. Generally and with a few exceptions, physical violence is reduced dramatically the more intelligent a random group of humans are. I myself am quite intelligent and there is very little chance you'll find me fighting anyone ever, even someone I know I could best. Whereas the more violent humans use it as an attempt to resolve a conflict they see no other resolution with. Higher intelligence = higher conflict resolving capabilities.

If anything Aliens, Gods, and Artificial intelligence should fear us. For we are the more primitive group and are relatively prone to relatively spontaneous violent episodes.
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