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alfeady finished the game a while ago, but I continue participate in the PWT (:.

Emboar lv100
Item: Expert Belt
Thunderpunch - Hammer Arm - Flame Charge - Heat Crash

Genesect (Wi-fi event) lv100
Item: shock Drive
Techno Blast (Electric) - Magnet Bomb - Bug Buzz - Tri Attack

Flygon lv100
Item: Leftovers
Earthquake - Rock Slide - Dragon Claw - Fly

Metagross lv100
Item: Rocky Helmet
Clear Body
Zen Headbutt - Meteor Mash - Hone Claws - Bulldoze

Black Kyurem lv100
Item: Razor Fang
Rock Slide - Freeze Shock - Dragon Claw - Fusion Bolt

yeah Iknow I only have 5 Pokémon in my team but whatever...
Z not far...