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EDIT: Victreebel or Exeggutor count as flowers? And Nidoqueen is a counterpart right?
Sorry, Victreebel is a flytrap and Exggutor is a coconut tree. :( Not a flower. Venusaur is a flower though. And yes, Nidoqueen is definitely a counterpart Pokemon.

Edit: I made a list of flower Pokemon, so that'll help. Would anyone like me to make a list of the counterparts? So far no one seems to have had any trouble picking them, but if you guys want a list, I will definitely make one.

Now here's what I'll be using:


There is no better gift in Ruby than the gift of a Torchic!


For this one, I chose my pair, Nick. One of his favorites is Alakazam. :)


It learns Attract, and what kind of Valentine's challenge would it be without a heart shaped Pokemon?


Not a ton of duos in this game, so I went with Volbeat, as I like males and Volbeat is male. I've used it before and it's not too shabby.


Wigglytuff is pink and cute and a total BOSS. This will be fun.


It's pretty and flowery and I've always wanted to use one!
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