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Originally Posted by Regeneration View Post
Dark-Types rule
I prefer ghost type but whatever.

Username: Regeneration
Partner: Darkrai
What do you like about dark types: Their immunity to psychic type moves. Pretty useful for trolling psychic types. =D

Current topic:
Weakness? Them fighting types; turn dark types to pulp because of their low defense. Advantage is primarily to counter ghosts and psychic types and both of them can be pretty damn annoying.
Originally Posted by Lieutenant Unstable View Post
Username: Lieutenant Unstable
What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: They're probably my favourite type. They're just so cool and mysterious and awesome!
Your partners: Mightyena <3
What Types rule: DARK TYPES RULES!

Answer the current topic:
●Viewing Dark type Pokemon and the dark type itself what would you classified it's greatest strengths and weaknesses to be?●

I think the greatest strength is that they're so strong against Psychic types, which to me, were always the hardest to beat. Their greatest weakness is their weakness to grass and fighting =/
Welcome to the club both of you, with all this sudden club activity, I've been busy but I'll get around to adding people's names to the list. probably cause of the post-off thing. Hope we can have more discussion going on here, been trying to have this place more active.

@ Lieutenant Unstable. Dark-types do normal damage to Grass type. I'm sure you mean they're weak to Bug-types. But yes, that is one of their biggest weaknesses next to their poor defense.
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