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Originally Posted by mariosr10 View Post
I hope i posted this in the right section!
I have searched for these problems but with no luck! :-/
I need a little help with pokescript!
I have two issues
1)with messages and how they appear in the rom!
#org $script
cry 0xA1 410
#raw 0x33
pause 0x30
message $cry
$cry 1 = De-oxys!
boxset 6
wildbattle 410 10 1
pause 0x70
fadescreen 1
removesprite 0x800F
setflag 0x1211
pause 0x10
fadescreen 0
it should make the text De-oxys! appear and start the battle
when i import this compiled script via advance map to my rom i get the deoxys event but instead of saying De-oxys! it makes unreadable characters appear and then the event starts with no problems!
2)Another problem i come across is that when i run from the battle or catch it or anyways end the battle in every way possible the deoxys stays in its place instead of disappearing!
P.S. The rom is clean i just named the folder beta 1 because i wanted to create a hack but right now the *.gba file is clean!
Thanks in advance!
You want to visit the scripting help thread for these kind of problems. Regarding your problem, I don't know what's wrong but I assume you can't do the
$cry = deo-xys
Use a simple message box to say deo-xys.

Also for the disappearing problem remove this part from your script:
fadescreen 1
removesprite 0x800F
setflag 0x1211
pause 0x10
fadescreen 0
Another thing that you should do is learn to script in XSE or PKSV. They have more commands registered, are simpler(easier to read and understand the code) and you'll get more help with it. No one uses Pokescript, it's an old program, so no one can help you properly. Try downloading PKSV or XSE. There are many excellent tutorials on how to use both.